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  • The 7 Finer Points of Surf Etiquette

    The 7 Finer Points of Surf...

    There are many unspoken rules to surfing, and we’ve listed the finer ones below. Following these rules might get you the stink-eye, yelled at, sprayed in the face, and even...

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  • The Ultimate Gift Guide For Surfers...

    The holidays are upon us, and chances are you’d rather be surfing than shopping. To save time in stores and max out your time in the winter swell, check out...

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  • North American Longboard Champs!

    North American Longboard Champs!

    Stewart team riders dominated the podium at the Rincon Surf Fest WSL North American Longboard Championships last weekend at Domes Beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico, with Tony Silvagni taking 3rd and Steven McLean...

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  • Remaking the Magic

    Every surfer knows the feeling... that one magic board that you had the rides of your life on and will never forget! Good news, we can and do remake the magic...

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    Bill Stewart with hand-shaped surfboard remake of old surfboard
  • Exploring Your Surfboard Design

    Exploring Your Surfboard Design

    Every surfer should know the basics of their board before they hit the waves. Stewart wants YOU to know your board, so we’re here to walk you through the design...

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