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Take the Redline 11 and shrink it down and you get a really versatile mini longboard that you can run to the tip for a cheater five, then back to crank turns off the tail. The Funline 11 paddles really big, rides really small. It’s designed to easily catch waves in all conditions, for surfers from beginners to advanced. A mini version of our best-selling Redline 11 longboard, the Funline is super wide in the front for paddle power. It has a flat straight entry rocker with flip in the tip. An extra long concave in the nose, for trim speed and paddling, that’s perfectly blended into double concave V in the tail for speed and quick rail exchange.

Bill invented the beveled rail over 30 years ago, and it remains a key feature in many of his board designs for a reason. The bevels in the nose rails lift the rail edge making them really forgiving on the drop-in and in rail to rail turns. The hard edges in the tails rail release water for insane speed.

The 2+1 fin set-up (another Bill Stewart innovation) features 2 short wide rail fins forward giving the board drive while keeping it loose. The larger center back fin holds the board in the pocket when riding up on the nose. 7’6″ -  8'6″ stock Funline 11s come with 2+1 fin configurations. The 7’0″ stock Funline 11 has a Thruster 3 fin setup.  Fins are included with all new Stewart surfboards!


Stewart Funline 11 Deck

Stewart Funline 11 Bottom


Funline 11 Stock Dimensions

7'0" 22" 3" 49.9
7'6" 22.5" 3" 54.7
8'0" 23" 3" 59.7
8'6" 23" 3" 63.4


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