Kydon joined the Stewart team in late 2023, and he's been on an absolute heater ever since! Riding the Tipster and occasionally the Bird, Kydon has won nearly every contest he's entered lately. He's got all the maneuvers that the judges are looking for on lock, and does them will unparalleled style. We can't wait to see where Kydon takes his surfing!


Favorite surf spot: My Favorite wave that I’ve surfed is Haleiwa, North Shore Oahu and my favorite wave I want to surf is Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, Australia

Favorite board model: Tipster (that’s the model I have had the most success on so far)

Favorite band: Depending on my mood or the vibe my favorite music is from the Foo Fighters, Tupac and The Rolling Stones.  I like that every one of these artists tells a story through their songs and lyrics.  

Favorite food: Fish – fried, grilled, blackened, raw, shelled or sushi, I like it all

Best memory on a Stewart: My best memory on a Stewart was winning the East Coast title in 2023 on my Tipster that used to belong to Tony Silvagni

If you weren’t a pro surfer what would you want to be: After I am a pro surfer, I intend to become an aerospace engineer, then become an astronaut, then the cool hippie President of USA that makes surf videos

Hero or person you look up to: My Dad, because he has a big smile, he’s takes excellent care of us, he’s a great dad, loving, nice and makes everything more fun

Funny fact about yourself:  I personify and name every one of my surfboards



ESA Southeast Regional Boys U14 Longboard Champion

ESA Southeast Regional Boys U14 Shortboard Champion

USA Prime East Stop #4 U14 Shortboard Champion - Outer Banks, NC

USA Longboard National Championships U14 National Champion

NSSA National Championships Longboard Explorer Division (All Ages) National Champion

NSSA National Championships Longboard Open Division (All Ages) National Champion



ESA Southeast Regional Longboard Champion (U14)

ESA East Coast Longboard Champion (U14)

NSSA Open Longboard 2nd Place Nationally

NSSA Explorer Longboard 4th Place Nationally

USA Longboard 3rd Place Nationally

ESA East Coast Shortboard 2nd Place (U14)

USA Shortboard Top 20 Nationally (U14)