The newest addition to the Stewart shortboard quiver, the XLT, is the perfect step-up board for when the surf is waist-high and bigger. It’s also an ideal everyday shortboard for a big guy.

The XLT’s got massive paddle power with its low entry rocker and perfect forward single concave. Whether you’re trying to beat the crowds or your arms are losing steam on day 3 of a big swell, the XLT gives you that extra push you need, enabling you to sit out the back and pick off waves earlier. Enjoy an easier early drop-in on bigger waves, too.

The forward single concave blends perfectly into a double concave in the tail with tons of vee, making the XLT go rail-to-rail like you wouldn’t believe. The foiled rails transition to a hard edge in the tail which releases water for insane speed down the line. A fuller rounded pin tail gives the XLT a tight turning radius, allowing you to carve it off the top.

Ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers, the XLT is a perfect travel board and can handle any conditions from Trestles to Uluwatu but is also fun at a mellower spot like Middles.

Futures composite thruster fin set included.

Stewart XLT surfboard views top, rocker, bottom

Stock Dimensions

6'6 20 1/2 2 3/4 39.14 L
6'8 20 3/4 2 3/4
39.72 L
6'10 21
2 7/8
42.25 L
21 1/2 3 46.27 L
21 1/2
3 47.38 L
21 3/4
3 1/8 50.85 L
7'6 22 3 1/4 55.00 L

XLT Video


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