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 The Clydesdale is a stable and supportive board that performs well in all conditions and is ideal for larger surfers. A fantastic paddler and wave catching machine, the Clydesdale will get you in to the wave earlier and easier than anything else out there. The template is designed to surf much shorter than its actual size and features the famed Hydro Hull bottom. 

Give us a call - 1.800.265.8882, 9am-5pm PST - or visit us in sunny San Clemente, and we'll dial you in on the right length & thickness, based on your height, weight, and ability. Scroll down to check out the Clydesdales we have in stock.


clydesdale top, breaker & bottom views


Clydesdale Stock Dimensions

9'0" 24" 3 5/8" 83.6
9'6" 24" 3 3/4" 91.4
10'0" 23 3/4" 4" 101.8
10'0" 24 1/2" 4" 106.1
10'6" 24" 4" 108.1

Have questions about which board is right for you?  CALL US!  949-492-1085  Our knowledgeable board sales staff are here for you!  

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