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The insane speed of the all new Pigmē alternative shortboard is versatile and fun for all conditions!  From killer Lower Trestles to a mushy day at San Onofre, it’s a board that’s sure to put a smile on your face. 

Developed with the help of former aspiring pro surfers, our own team riders, and everyday dawn patrollers, the Pigme is designed to sizzle down the line and beat unbeatable sections.  The low entry rocker and crazy width give it insane paddle power, while the slight beak nose delivers that classic styling with more volume in the nose to catch waves earlier.  It’s got our signature single to double concave which flows into a flat, super wide tail, giving it incredible planing efficiency on dead water. You’ll be speeding down the line and connecting the dots between sections.  When turning in the pocket, the hip curve gives you a sharper turning radius and a nice slide release that reengages with the rail, setting back into and around the next section. 

Recommended ability level for the Pigmē varies from a kid’s first “real” board, an intermediate/advanced surfer’s fun alternative board, or a ripping senior surfer’s go-to shortboard.  The wider design gives you maximum float, so we recommend sizing down about 4-6” from your regular shortboard.


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