Wynter Larrabee earned a spot on the Stewart team during a surf/yoga retreat in Nicaragua in November of 2023. Stewart owners, Erik and Ashley Leines, were not only impressed by his ripping surf skills, but more importantly by what a hard-working, respectful, polite guy Wyn is. We're proud to have him representing the brand and can't wait to see what he does with his surfing -- the sky's the limit for this rad human!



Favorite surf spot: Favorite spot that I have surfed is V-Land, North Shore Oahu.  My favorite surf spot that I have not surfed is Hollow Tree, Bali, Indonesia

Favorite board model: Tipster

Favorite band: I love all music genres and don’t really have a favorite band, but my all time favorite musical piece is Edvard Grieg’s “In The Hall of The Mountain King”

Favorite food: Pumpkin pie

Best memory on a Stewart: My best memory on a Stewart was when I was 13 and got my first Tipster longboard that was my very own and got my first hang ten in Florida

If you weren’t a pro surfer what would you want to be: When I am no longer a pro surfer I will be a boat captain or a pilot.  At age 15 I already have my driver’s license and have logged hours toward earning both my captain’s and pilot’s licenses.  

Hero or person you look up to: I look up to my parents the most.  I admire their calm approach, perseverance, compassion and commitment to helping others.  They are always there for friends, family and other people in the community.  By watching them I learned that I also really like helping people and love when I can see them benefit and succeed.  I am thankful that my mom and dad set a strong example for me.

Funny fact about yourself: I really like setting and attaining goals, like earning certifications.  I am the youngest RYT 200 certified yoga teacher in the state of Florida.  I am also a Rieke Master, certified sound healer, certified open water SCUBA diver and certified lifeguard.



ESA Southeast Regional Open Mens Longboard Runner-up - 2nd Place (All Ages)

ESA Southeast Regional Jr Mens Longboard Runner-up - 2nd Place

ESA Southeast Regional Boys Shortboard - equal 5th

NSSA East Coast Regional Longboard Explorer Division Champion (All Ages) 

NSSA East Coast Regional Longboard Open Division Runner-up - 2nd Place (All Ages)

USA Longboard Nationals Championships U18 - equal 5th

NSSA Interscholastic Highschool National Championships - 4th Place

NSSA National Championships Longboard Explorer Division Runner-up - 2nd Place (All Ages)

NSSA East Coast Regional Longboard Open Division - 4th Place (All Ages)



ESA Southeast Regional Longboard Podium Finisher 3rd Place (U14)

ESA East Coast Longboard 2nd Place (U14)

ESA East Coast Longboard Podium Finisher 3rd Place (U18)

NSSA Open Longboard 3nd Place Nationally

NSSA Explorer Longboard 3nd Place Nationally

USA Longboard 6th Place Nationally