Maximize Your Wave Count with the Redline11

Written by Ashley Leines


Posted on February 18 2021

Looking to catch more waves and have more fun? Look no further than the Redline11.

This legendary longboard needs no introduction, so we’ll keep it short. It’s a 9’0” longboard that turns like an 8’6”, paddles like a 9’6”, and nose rides like a 10’0”. 

How can one board be so versatile? Instead of going to a longer board for more paddle power or noseriding ability, we redistribute that additional volume/float across the 9-feet of the Redline11 by varying the width and thickness to perfectly fit your height, weight, and ability. Find your ideal dimensions on our handy sizing chart. This made-for-you size, along with the single-to-double concave bottom, make the Redline11 paddle insane so you catch more waves than ever before.

Bill himself stands by this board saying it’s the best all-around longboard that he’s ever designed. And a compliment like that doesn’t come easy, as the Father of the Modern Longboard has hand shaped over 40,000 boards in his life and knows a thing or two about what makes a board work. 

Although the Redline11 is pretty freakin magical, no surfboard will catch waves on its own, so here’s a few tips on how to increase your wave count, and ultimately have more fun.

  1. Get the right size board for your height, weight & ability
  2. Paddle with the nose of the board just an inch above the water for max planing efficiency
  3. To crank turns, place your back foot as far back on the tail of the board as possible

Bill shares a few tips on how to catch more waves in this video, so check it out if you want to hear more from the master himself.

We’ve got a healthy stock of Redline’s available both online and at the shop here in San Clemente, which has not been the case lately. (More on that in this blog post.) Check out the latest inventory of Redlines in EPS or Poly and snap one up before they’re gone.

Whether you’re hoping to catch more waves, improve your surfing in multiple areas, or just have a smile or two along the way, the Redline11 does all that and more. Our most versatile “one board quiver”, the Redline11 truly is ideal for surfers of all ability levels. Whether you’re just now getting your feet on the wax or you’re a seasoned surfer who's looking to take your surfing to the next level, surfing your Redline is sure to dial up your fun-meter.

We’ll see you out there!