How to Get the Most Money for Your Used Surfboard

Written by Ashley Leines


Posted on May 20 2023

With our annual Summer Surf Swap coming up this week, we thought we'd share a few tips & tricks to help you get the most money for your used board.

So, you've got a used surfboard that you're ready to sell? Of course you want to get top dollar for it. Here are a few simple steps that you can do to ensure that you get the most money for your used board.


Let's be honest, no potential buyer wants to see the dirt and occasional chest hairs that accumulate in a funky old wax job. Not only is it kinda gross, it makes it hard to see the condition of the used board.

So, first things first, get to scraping that old wax off! We recommend laying the board deck up in the sun for a couple minutes, then scraping the wax off with a comb. Next, use a Pickle to get the residue off, then finish with wax remover and a soft towel to shine that baby up as good as new! For some tips on wax removal, check out this blog post and for all the necessary tools, head over here.

If you're not up to the task of wax removal yourself, many shops offer a wax removal service -- ours is $15 a board, a small investment that will pay off when your used board sells for the highest price possible.


If you've actually used your board, chances are it's earned a few war wounds over the years. Give it a good once-over to check for any small cracks or dings. If the damage is pretty minor, sealing those cracks and dings yourself is a low-cost way to add a lot of value to your used surfboard. A little Solarez will get your board back to its former glory in no time! 

Most potential used board buyers are looking for boards that are water-tight and ready to rip, so fixing the dings will make your board more likely to sell fast, for top dollar.


Do you have a leash or board bag that are the perfect size for the board that you won't need when it's sold? Or maybe its got a fancy set of fins for added performance? Those little items that might otherwise just gather dust in your garage can really help maximize the sale price of your used board, so go ahead and throw them in as a package deal.


This step can be a bit tricky, depending on your experience with selling used surfboards. A quick post to Offer Up or Craig's List can definitely put the word out that you've got a used surfboard for sale. But, then it's on you to  answer buyer questions, repost the ads on a regular basis, and deal with flaky buyers.

If you're looking to sell your used surfboard fast and at the highest price possible, we recommend going through a surf shop. We're experts at pricing the board to sell and marketing it to our existing customer base who are actively looking for used boards. Taking advantage of a big event like our annual Surf Swap (Memorial Day weekend and Mid-November) is a great opportunity to get your used surfboard seen by a LOT of potential buyers in a short time, increasing the chances of it selling.

Whether you're selling your board yourself or bringing it to your local shop, these tips will for sure help you sell your used surfboard for the highest price!