Travel Diary - Charging & Recharging in El Salvador

Written by Ashley Leines


Posted on May 10 2022


Don't you love when a last-minute trip turns out to be just what you needed to reset, recharge, and return to "real life" ready to conquer? We recently met up with Tony Silvagni in Central America to explore the coastline of El Salvador and checked all those boxes. 

Coastline of El Salvador

Prepping for the trip, it's all about the boards! Here's the quiver that covered all the bases, from classic to high-performance: 5’7 Retro Fish, 7’6 2Fun, 9’0 CMP, and a 9’4 Tipster. 

Stewart Retro Fish, 2Fun, Tipster surfboards

The surf wasn’t by any means ‘pumping’ but when you wake up to glassy waves each morning rolling down the points, it puts a few things into perspective. Wasting time checking multiple spots didn’t cross our minds -- we rolled up our sleeves and got to work!

Tony Silvagni Stewart CMP longboard

Tony Silvagni drop-knee turn on his Stewart CMP

Tony with a beautiful drop knee on his epoxy CMP. 

Tony Silvagni waxing up his Stewart Tipster longboard

Tony Silvagni nose riding on his Stewart Tipster longboard

It didn’t take long before we spotted Tony perched on his Tipster coming down the point.

Tony Silvagni walking with his Stewart CMP longboard

We got a nice escort each morning from the local security guard. Pretty sure the $4 he demanded every day to park was just because he liked us. 

Tony Silvagni off the top on his Stewart CMP longboard

3 beauties with 2 beautiful Stewart longboards

Those boards sure are pretty. 9’0 CMP and a 9’4 Tipster.

Tony Silvagni with Stewart 2Fun and CMP surfboards

The lovely little weekend party town, El Tunco, provided a couple of rideable waves not too far from the restaurants and bars.  

Tony Silvagni surfing the Stewart 2Fun mid-length surfboard

The 2FUN proved to be too fun in the water!

Tony Silvagni on his Stewart CMP longboard

Tony Silvagni surfing his Stewart Tipster longboard

Nothin' feeds the soul like a few days of sun, surf, laughter & good food! Until next time...

Tony Silvagni with his Stewart Tipster on the beach in El Salvador