The Surftech Hydro Fun and Hydro Glide Softop-CP's were designed for easier paddling, turning, and progressing your longboard skills. The Hydro Fun and Hydro Glides are a thicker boards with relatively flat rocker, fullness held out to the rails, and beveled rails all the way around to provide maximum forgiveness. The Softop-CP construction gives this great shape durability, comfort and maximum traction. Our team riders have tested these boards and are blown away with the incredible performance, better than any soft-top on the market!

***Fins Included***

Stock Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
8’0” 22.5” 3” 58.75L
9’0” 23.5” 3.1” 68.0L
10’0” 24” 3.2” 84.5L
11’0” 24.5” 3.3” 102.5L



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