Tony Silvagni Wins Surf Relik Event at Lower Trestles

Written by Ashley Leines


Posted on October 17 2018

The middle of September showed an epic forecast, bringing in the best longboarders from the entire world to none other than the iconic Lowers Trestles in California for the final stop of the 2018 Surf Relik Longboard World Tour. Three solid days of head high plus perfect Lower Trestles for the top progressive, traditional and ladies long boarders to battle it out for the Relik world longboard title. Tony Silvagni, coming off a 5th place finish at the Malibu event back in June, was focused on that title at a break that was suited towards his style of surfing.

Waxing up his Stewart CMP, Tony knew he had the perfect board for pumping Lowers!  First round, he got a close 3rd, which put Tony against Jack Entwistle in round 2, a goofy footer from Australia. Both surfers showcased a repertoire of noseriding and high performance modern maneuvers. Tony Silvagni came out with a win moving him into round 3 against Antoine Delpero and Kai Sallas. In round 3, Tony was in the lead the entire heat until the last exchange when all three surfers caught a wave in the dying seconds. Tony was able to hold onto second place to move onto the quarter finals against 3X world champion, Taylor Jenson. In the quarter final heat, Tony was behind in the beginning when Taylor posted up two 8 point rides.  Tony kept his composure and got himself out of a combo situation by posting a solid 7.9 scoring wave. Around 7 minutes left, Tony capitalized on his priority, snagging a big set wave and putting together a combination of noserides, cutbacks and hitting the lip that was pretty mind-blowing. He squeezed every drop of potential out of that wave, riding it nearly to the next break, Middles, and was able to come out on top with a score of a 9 point ride.

In the semi-final heat he matched up with Ned Snow from Hawaii. Tony had an outstanding performance with momentum on his side and having team Stewart cheering from the beach. At this point, Tony was absolutely ON FIRE and advanced on to the final.  There he came up against 2X World Champion, Picollo Clemente from Peru. Both surfers exchanged some mid size scores in the beginning and towards the end of the heat Tony posted a mid range 7 and 8 point ride to solidify the win!

Tony was so stoked to win the Men’s High-Pro division at the Surf Relik Lower Trestles event!

Finishing first at Lowers and 5th in Malibu tied Tony up with Taylor Jensen’s first place finish at Malibu and 5th at Lowers, so a surf-off would determine the Relik world title champ.  Tony and Taylor battled it out, and in the end Taylor edged out Tony to win the overall title, with Tony bringing home 2nd place on the Surf Relik World Longboard Tour.

Tony would like to thank his sponsors Stewart Surfboards, Hot Wax Surf Shop, Hang Ten Grill, Coastwalk Real Estate and Casa Caribe Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals.