Three Ways to Support Your Local Surf Shop during COVID-19 Quarantine

Written by Ashley Leines


Posted on April 25 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all hard, changing our way of life in unimaginable ways.  Forcing retailers to close their doors may have been a necessary step to “flatten the curve” but it’s caused some severe financial hardships on these small businesses.

We’ve been so impressed by our fellow small business owners adapting and innovating in the face of these challenges, from a local pizza place selling essentials like eggs and flour to a coffee shop offering home delivery. To help stoke out our customers during this difficult time, we're offering free shipping/home delivery and also brought Bill back into the shaping room to shape all custom orders, for a limited time. The response has been awesome and we really appreciate everyone's support so far, as it means that we can continue to pay our employees and all the suppliers who count on us to stay in business.

Awesome, right?  Sure, in theory, you want to support your local surf shop, but you might be asking yourself, why do I need a bar of wax or a leash when I‘m stuck at home?  We hear ya!  Not to worry, we’ve been adding plenty of items to our online store to help you get through the COVID-19 quarantine from the comfort of your home. 

Here’s a short list of three ways to support your local surf shop with items that you actually need right now -- household essentials, the ultimate couch-surfing loungewear, and must-haves for getting out for a bit of fresh air.  If none of that fits the bill, there’s always a gift card. Snag a few things you can use and help your local surf shop stay in business. Win, win!

Household Essentials

Couch Surfing Loungewear

Fresh Air Favorites

Gift Card


    Morning Pick-Me-Up

    The at-home morning Surfline cam check isn’t complete without a proper surf mug for your coffee.

    Shop Coffee Mugs 

    Breathe It In

    Too many people in the house creating a bit of a funk? We’ve got you. Enjoy the mood-boosting scents of a surf-inspired candle.

    Shop Candles 

    Virtual Happy Hour

    Nothing says “cheers” at the Zoom happy hour call like a Stewart pint glass.  Or, go for a shot glass to really get the party started!

    Shop Glassware 

    Cozy Up on the Couch

    Enjoy that Netflix binge even more under a cozy polar fleece blanket.

    Shop Blankets

    Home Improvement

    Tired of looking at the same boring walls all day?  Spruce them up a bit with some fresh original art by Bill Stewart.

    Shop Art 

    Mind Surfing 

    Surf a tropical location (in your mind!), plan your next road trip, or become an ultimate grill-master, with one of our beautiful coffee table books.

    Shop Books


    Surfer’s Basics 

    There’s nothing comfier than one of our classic Stewart Tees.

    Shop Tees

    Elevated Sweatshirt 

    You want to be comfy but not look like a total bum… we get that.  

    Shop Stewart Sesh Hoodie 

    Business on Top... 

    So, maybe you can’t get away with a t-shirt or hoody for your video conference calls, but you can still be comfy on bottom with the Salty Crew Slow Roll sweatpants.

    Shop Sweatpants

    Slip Sliding Away

    Cruisin around the house, hangin in the yard, or getting the mail, these house shoes are all ya need.

    Shop Slippers 



    Soak Up Some Sun (Safely) 

    Slather up before your daily walk around the block.

    Shop Sunscreen

    Hat Hair

    Haven’t had a hair cut in a while?  We’ve got a hat for that! 

    Shop Hats 


    Ultimate Show of Support  

    Nothing says, “I want to shop at your store soon” like a gift card.

    Shop Gift Cards 


    These are just a few of the things we have that might help you survive (dare we say enjoy?) the COVID-19 quarantine a bit more.  But, these are just some ideas.  We’d also encourage you to support your local surf shop and other small businesses that are part of your community.  Because, let’s be honest, the big box stores will be just fine through all of this.  It’s us little guys that could really use the help right about now.

    Stay safe & stoked, and we hope to see you in the shop again sometime soon!