The Ultimate Gift Guide For Surfers

Written by Ashley Leines


Posted on December 16 2019

The holidays are upon us, and chances are you’d rather be surfing than shopping. To save time in stores and max out your time in the winter swell, check out our ultimate gift guide for surfers (including stocking stuffers!). Each surfer has their own vibe, lifestyle, and gift preferences—and this cheat sheet has a little something for everyone on your list.  


Stocking Stuffers

Ultimate Gift Guide for Surfers

Caffeine Connoisseur

Our Yeti mugs will keep your surfer’s coffee warm, and get ’em an extra 50¢ off that latte for their efforts in reducing waste. Shop Yeti   

The 9-5er

For that surfer that goes straight from surfing to work—make the 9-5 a little less salty with a rinse kit. Shop Rinse Kits   

Ripping Grom

Tees, hoodies, shorts, and any other dry article of clothing for the rare moment when they’re out of the water. Shop Youth Apparel   

Dawn Patroller

For the smoothest transition (possible) from bed to the cold water, this jacket will take the chill off that early morning session. Shop Sleeping Bag Puff Jacket  

The One Who’s Always Cold 

Whether they’re inside or outside, keep the cold air out with our heavyweight Sherpa Hoodie. Shop Sherpa Hoodies   

The Flasher 

Ensure that what shouldn’t be seen remains unseen by upgrading his/her towel changing routine with a poncho. Shop Changing Ponchos  

The Real Deal 

A Classic Tee to show that Stewart pride. Shop Tees  

The Jammer 

For that surfer who’s always listening to music, don’t let them stop—keep the sound in and water out with Surf Ears. Shop Surf Ears  

The Nicest Guy On The Block 

For the big #1 on your Nice List, give him/her the ultimate gift of a new board. Shop Boards  

The Next CT Points Leader 

Help the next generation take over the leaderboard with the world-title-winning high-performance CMP. Shop CMPs   

The Soul Surfer 

A custom, one-of-a-kind board with a graphic of their choice. Maybe their spirit animal. It could be anything. Download Custom Order Form   

Stocking Stuffers

The Loud & Proud  

For that surfer who wants everyone to know that they surf, a classic Stewart oval sticker is just the thing. Shop Stickers   

The Ocean Guardian 

Help him/her protect the ocean by purchasing reef-safe sunscreen (the only kind we have available). Buy one, two, or more to spread the reef-safe love. Shop Reef-Safe (for lips)  

The Do-Gooder 

With every purchase, Pura Vida Jewelry supports artisans in Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, and more. Shop Pura Vida   

That Guy Who Always Gets Hurt 

The next time your buddy, friend, loved one, whoever—slices their foot on the rocks, heal the wound sustainably with active skin repair. Shop Active Skin Repair 

The Board Torpedo-er

For that guy who always lets his board fly, keep his quiver watertight with Solarez. Shop Solarez  

The Dehydrated Dude(tte)
Quench his dry, salty lips with some lip balm. Gender-neutral. Shop Lip Balm  

Sandy Toes Sam 

For those who share more sand than stoke, keep their toes and car clean with a Surf Brush. Shop Surf Brushes  

The Surfer/Secret Agent/Spy 

For that part-surfer, part-agent, part-spy—get them the coolest gadgets from Fix Manufacturing. Shop Fix Manufacturing Tools  

The Obsessed 

For those who surf, talk surf, eat surf, and sleep surf—why not smell surf? Check out our surf-inspired candles. Shop Candles 

The Technical Surfer 

Give them the best of the best essentials with this Stewart Surf Leash made by XM in San Clemente (3-year warranty included). Shop Leashes  

Final Words

Stoke out the surfers on your list with any of these awesome gifts, or send a link to this guide as a not-so-subtle “hint-hint” as to what you’d like to unwrap or discover in your stocking this year.