Remaking the Magic

Written by Ashley Leines


Posted on November 18 2019

Every surfer knows the feeling... that one magic board that you had the rides of your life on and will never forget!  It might be 25+ years old and is beat up beyond belief but you can't seem to let go of it and still have fun surfing it.  If only you could recreate that board and, more importantly, those magic moments. Good news, we can and do remake the magic for our loyal customers all the time.

Check out this recent hand-shape remake Bill did!

Hand-shaped custom remake of old surfboardOf course we all know that no two hand-shaped boards are exactly the same. That's part of the beauty that is a hand-shaped surfboard. And with all that wear and tear on the original board, nothing else will ride quite like it.  But, Bill can get pretty damn close, even if the original board model (if there even was a "model" type back then!) has been discontinued. 

Happy customer with new custom hand-shaped surfboard remake of old surfboard

Joe Stubbs, pictured above with his original magic board and his new custom hand-shape said he's "so incredibly stoked on the job that Bill did on this board. It's amazing that he was able to get it so perfect, as good or better than expected. He nailed it!" 

We've been building boards since long before CNC machines or molded surfboards, and we can still make them the "old-fashioned" way, hand-shaped from a blank by a dedicated surfer and craftsman. In fact, Bill actually enjoys the challenge and the nostalgia of it all.

Bill Stewart new custom hand-shaped surfboard remake of old surfboard

Joe is loving his custom remake, which brings back all those great memories, but he's also making rad new memories on the new (949) mid-length that he picked up earlier this year. His magic board was ahead of it's time when he bought it all those years ago, as the (949) model is today. As Joe put it, the design and fin set up make the (949) "like a rocket -- I was making sections I didn't think I could make!" That combined with amazing paddle power puts the (949) in contention for new "magic" board status.

So, if you've got a magic board that you're hanging on to, bring it in and we'll remake it to it's original glory! Give us a call in the shop or download a custom order form. Or, check out our (949) model and discover your new magic board!