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Surfer Dudes, the world's first self-righting surfing toy, now with pets on board!  Powered by Waves (NO batteries - Just Surf!®)

TECH FEATURES (see tech image)

A. 2-D Surfer Dudes® Stabilizer Figure
Streamlines your Dude for fantastic tricks!

B. Patented* Unitized Assembly
Easy snap assembly; hours and hours of beach fun!

C. 2-D Surfer Pet™ Stabilizer Figure
Why surf alone, when you can bring a buddy?

D. Unsinkable Power-Foam Board
NO batteries required! Powered by waves!

E. Gnarly Graphics

F. Patented* Wave Arc Nose
Ride the waves! Just Surf!®

G. Patented* Hydro-Surf Boomerang® Technology
Precise wing-board incidence angle keeps your Dude ON the waves, surfing back to you!

H. Patented* Self-Righting Hydrodynamic Manta Wing
Surfer Dudes exclusive! Flips your Dude upright if a wave rolls it over!

I. Patented* Pro-Vortex Wing Vanes
Hydrodynamic reactive wing vanes throw down “rad” tricks!

J. Interchangeable Parts Technology 
Customize your Dude for more fun! An incredible 184,680 combinations!

K. Patented* Dual Chrome-Tech Internal Ballast “Equalizer” System
Counterweights balance your Dude for amazing tricks in the surf!

L. Patented* Skeg
Navigates your Dude back to shore shredding the waves!

* Protected under U.S. Patents D711,485, 8,894,460, 9,352,239, 9,474,983, and other Patents Pending

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