Used surfboards, longboards, funboards, shortboards outside at Stewart Surfboards

Looking for a place to sell your used surfboard? We got you! Bring your board in to the shop and we'll take photos, market it online, answer all potential buyers' questions and get that baby SOLD in record time. We sell hundreds of used boards every year and have a constant flow of customers looking for good quality (or even just good price) used boards.

Here's a few things to know before listing your board for consignment with us.

  1. All consignment boards must be clean and have NO WAX on them. You can clean the board up yourself, or we'll be happy to buff it out for you for just $15.
  2. We take in most boards, but unfortunately can't sell boards over 10'6 due to ceiling height limitations.  
  3. Set a realistic price. We know the market and can advise you on a price based on the board type and condition. But ultimately it's your call as to what price you list your board for.
  4. Our consignment fee is 20% if you'd like a check, or just 10% if you take store credit, so you get 80-90% of the selling price of your board!

If you have any questions, give us a ring at 949-492-1085 or stop by the shop.