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$459.00 USD

The Tandem Boogie Air puts the FUN in function!  It's light weight, durable, and inflates/deflates easily, making it super easy to throw in the car or bike to the beach with.  If you've ever wanted to share a wave with your kid or a friend, this is the board for you!  Perfect for introducing a newbie to surfing, or just messin' around with friends.

Built using high end military grade Drop Stitch material, the Tandem Boogie Air is not your average floating mat!  This is Zodiac boat type construction and it's built to last many fun weekends and smiles.  The soft handles are great for holding on during big rides and provide that extra sense of security for kids and all ages.  These boards have no fins making them a very safe surfing experience for the whole family. 

Board comes with everything you need for a Tandem Boogie Experience!  Ships with a dual action pump, storage bag and a maintenance kit.  


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