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7'0 (949) B#113353 (7'0", 22", 2 3/4") SANDED

$850.00 USD

(949) This high-speed performance mid-length board paddles like a longboard and rides like a shortboard, making it the perfect addition to your quiver. Designed to be surfed with the included five fin set-up, which give it solid bite and insane drive down the line, while the deep vee concave bottom makes it ride much smaller rail to rail. Perfect for anytime you want to have the responsive feel of a shortboard with the wave-hogging paddle power of a longboard.

  • Board # 113353
  • POLY
  • Length - 7'0"
  • Width - 22"
  • Thickness - 2 3/4"
  • Future 5 Fin Scimitar Set included

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