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New and improved with a LOWER price, the next generation Hydro Hull Fun by Surftech just might be the best fun/egg shape ever made!  With its modern trim rocker, single to double concave bottom, and Surftech's proprietary Tuflite-PC construction process for maximum durability, this board definitely puts the FUN in funboard.

Tuflite construction is a molded fused cell EPS core, wood veneer, high quality E-glass, and Epoxy resin making a strong and light board with optimal flex characteristics with the natural wood fibers and EPS core. The Tuflite utilizes a T-Stringer for added break strength, a lively flex, and power distribution from your front foot to the fin area.

These features are complimented by a beveled entry rail, which provides forgiveness as well as performance . The 2+1 fin configuration is another proven Bill Stewart innovation that's stood the test of time. The New Hydro Hull Fun is the all-purpose surfboard for those seeking more waves, more fun and more performance!

***Fins not included***


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