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6'6 949 COMP B#117744 (6'6, 21", 2 3/4") SANDED

$875.00 USD

The (949) Comp is a modified (949) with a narrower, slightly more dramatically rockered nose for easier duck-diving and dropping in to steeper faced waves. It’s still got most of the longboard paddle-power of the original (949) and rides like a super responsive shortboard with its deep vee concave bottom, which makes it feel much smaller rail to rail. Designed to be surfed with the included Futures Vector 2 Quad Scimitar fins and a center 3.25” trailer fin, which give it solid bite and insane drive down the line. A definite game-changer for beach breaks, point breaks, and surf trips, this “executive shortboard” is a mind-blowing addition to your quiver.

  • Board # 117744
  • POLY
  • Length - 6'6"
  • Width - 21"
  • Thickness - 2 3/4"
  • Future 5 Fin Scimitar Set included

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